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Progress Bars

How it should (not) be done.

Progress bars are supposed to visualize to what extent a certain task is done. Some programmers don't seem to invest a lot of time into doing it properly though.

To see examples, click/tap on a progress bar below or just scroll over it until it's nearly vertically centered in the window.




Not Correct

The Phases

What, I have to make a progress bar too?!

The Tease

Is it gonna finish? Is it not? Ohh, the tension!

The Surprise

What.. finished already?

The Conservative

Only no progress is good progress.

The Rush

My my, what a nice progress bar we have. Let's split it into lots of subatomic operations.

The Definite Indefinite

Uhh.. so how far are we exactly?

The Random Guess

Pah, it's gonna finish some time in between..